What Your Bedroom Paint Color Says About You

Posted on Aug 25th 2022

The color you choose for your home and rooms can say a lot about you. As humans, a fun way we express ourselves is through our choice and use of colors, and we put those colors to use by painting and decorating our homes! The color you choose in a room can affect how you feel and how you use that room. Read on to find out what your bedroom paint color says about you!

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Tips for Painting Your Front Door

Posted on Aug 11th 2022

We've created a guide full of useful tips to help you with painting your door, from choosing the right color to all the work involved. At Painter1, we're happy to help with all your painting needs, big and small.

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Gloss or Eggshell: Do Paint Finishes Really Matter?

Posted on Jul 12th 2022

It's easy to spend hours choosing between paint swatches to find the perfect color for your next painting project, but you may not realize that paint finish requires just as much thought. Selecting an effective finish for different areas and surfaces of your home will help highlight the most flattering aspects of your home. Click to learn more!

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8 Fresh Paint Colors for Summer

Posted on Jun 7th 2022

If you need some inspiration for the perfect summer shade for your home, Painter1 is happy to help! We've compiled 8 of our favorite paint color picks to make your home feel like summer even when the weather turns cold once again.

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How To Clean Painted Walls

Posted on May 10th 2022

Cleaning your walls is often forgotten with all the other home cleaning tasks, but giving them a cleaning can turn a drab room into a bright, fresh one. If you aren't sure where to start when cleaning your walls, don’t worry; Painter1 is here to help! We have compiled some tips, tricks and advice to help you keep your walls clean and radiant.

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